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Fund Your Future



Community College students who have completed at least

24 semester or 36 quarter units and are planning to transfer

to a four-your college will be considered for a Cal Grant

Transfer Entitlement Award. Completion of the FAFSA or

CADAA and a verified community college GPA must be

submitted to California Student Aid Commission by the

March 2nd deadline.





This year, the California Student Aid

Commission will make financial aid award

offers totaling $2.2 billion to eligible California

high school seniors. Note that the higher a

student’s grades, the greater the financial aid

award opportunities may become.

Financial aid can help graduating high school students,

community college transfer students, returning students and

others access college, career, occupational, or technical

education schools and graduate.

Financial aid may pay for the cost of tuition and statewide

campus fees. It may also include books, rent, food,

transportation, and other living expenses – even for part-

time students. Apply for financial aid in your senior year of

high school. You should apply for financial aid even before

you have been accepted into a college. Have a valid email

address: Financial aid results and award information is

shared using email communications. Check your email

regularly or establish an email account especially to manage

your financial aid award information. If you change email

addresses, please notify us immediately.

With college acceptance may come certain required fees

or charges that are due prior to the time of enrollment and

financial aid disbursement. If these costs are unanticipated,

the charges can be burdensome. These charges may be

associated with travel and lodging, “mandatory orientation

fees,” “registration deposit fees,” and “housing deposit fees.”

These mandatory fees may total as much as $1,000 or more

and may be due as early as May or June – directly after

students graduate from high school. It is important to have

money set aside to pay for these costs. Establish a “college

savings” at a bank or credit union or use an established

529 college savings plan such as California’s ScholarShare

College Savings Plan to pay for these costs.


There are 113 California Community College Campuses

and 72 Centers. Learn more about Community College

Admission Requirements at .

California community colleges are required to admit any

“California residents are less

likely to borrow and have lower

average student loan debt at

graduation for Undergraduate

degrees as compared with

national averages. The

difference is often attributed to

the Cal Grant.”